Panaracer RiBMo PT

Panaracer RiBMo PT - A Review

Hello people. As we told you in one of our early August tweets, one of our members purchased  Panaracer's RiBMo PT tires for his CX bike and we can now report back his experience on them. His main reason for the tire purchase was that he wanted more puncture resistance than his normal CX tires were providing him for off dirt urban riding. Two of his main requirements when he was considering a tire was its availability in 700X35 mm size and its ability to be inflated above 80psi. Given those two requirements, he decided to go with the Panaracer RiBMo PT. 

His usually daily rides take him through the city of Brockton, Easton, West Bridgewater and Bridgewater, so this leaves our member with some pretty rough roads he must travel on. He was happy to report back to us that he never once experienced a flat throughout the month of August, where he was experiencing a flat weekly when he was riding on his normal CX tires. He went on to say that these tires rolled much faster than his normal CX tires. Of course this faster tire experience is due to the high psi and smooth tread leading to lower rolling resistance. Mounting the tires was not difficult, but they did not mount with ease. Our member did express that the tires looked far bigger than a normal 700X35mm tire, but we cannot confirm this since we did not measure them ourselves and have a much higher center line than other tires he has ridden. We guess this higher center area of the tire tread is to help reduce the contact area of the tire to the road, leading to less rolling resistance making the tire travel faster with reduced effort. 

In all, our member told us he would purchase these tires again and has been very happy with the their performance thus far. His only gripe is that the tire looks larger than the usually 700X35mm tire, but they fit with no issue on his CX bike. He would recommend these tires to anyone looking for a fast rolling tire for urban riding that would like to reduce their likelihood of flats.