Up & Coming Downtown Means Better Urban Cycling In Brockton

For those that follow us on Twitter, you might be in the know that we were at the Downtown Brockton Economic Development Bus Tour. For those of you that do not follow us on Twiter, well, we were there. What we saw while on the tour was inspiring and exciting. The new Station Lofts at the corner of Lincoln and Montello look awesome and the recently completed Brophy and Phillips building at 88 Lincoln was so fantastic to be in, we wished we had an office there. With all this new development completed and others going up, such as the case with the new Trinity building across from W.B. Mason, this has us at Velo Urbano dreaming of the Downtown that is to come here in Brockton. 

Some of you might be wondering why we care about all the new development going on Downtown, and the answer to your question is simple, a better and denser Downtown means better urban cycling in Brockton. As Downtown grows and becomes even denser than it already is, more people will be living Downtown and more businesses will be flocking there to meet the needs of this growing population of residents. With density, comes shorter distances one must travel for goods and services. For these short trips, especially those trips five miles or less, the bicycle really shines as a mode of transportation. With trip distances five miles or less, the bicycle used as transportation is just as fast as the personal automobile and public transportation, and faster when city streets are experiencing their peak congestion periods.

As  Downtown rises, Velo Urbano can see the possibility of being able to cycling to a local cafe for a morning cup, peak into that new boutique to see what wares they are peddling, or cycling to a new yoga studio that was just opened by entrepreneurial  Brocktonian that always dreamed of having his/her own studio. Then we you couple all this new development with all the different transportation options you have Downtown, like the Brockton Area Transit Authority and the MBTA Commuter Rail, Downtown has what it takes to become the cycling mecca of the South Shore. Think about folks, we too here in Brockton could build a cycling city just like Boston has, or even better, create the Portland Oregon of the East Coast. 

Velo Urbano see the vision of the new Downtown others see, but we think this vision can be taken a step further. We believe a denser Downtown with more residents has the potential to become a urban cycling hotspot and a place were the bicycle could become the preferred mode of transportation. Velo Urbano looks forward to seeing the rise of Downtown and hopes to play a part in making it a great destination, a great place of employment, and the chic place to live in Brockton and the South Shore.