Velo Urbano is cycling club and pop up bicycle cafe located in the Greater Brockton Area. As a cycling club, we are interested in having people join the club so that we may enjoy the thrills of cycling with others that possess that same passion for the bicycle. We are an inclusive club that seeks people from all walks of life to ride with. Why do we make this statement? Because having a diverse group of people makes for a far more enjoyable and interesting ride. If you would like to join our peloton, shoot us an email and we will get back to you.

As a pop up bicycle cafe, Velo Urbano seeks to meet your bicycle maintenance needs and serve you a delicious cup of coffee. Our pop up bicycle cafe takes place every Saturday at the Original Easton Farmers Market. Our goal is to eventually move to a store front location and operate as any commercial bicycle cafe would. If you have any question concerning getting your bicycle fixed by Velo Urbano, give us a ring or shoot us an email and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have. Not into cycling, that's ok too, just swing by the market and order up one of our tasty pour over style cups of coffee or get it iced.


Velo Urbano not only believes in the bicycle as means of recreation, but sees the bicycle as a form of transportation too. A bicycle used for transportation is not only good for the environment and helps in the reduction of traffic congestion, but helps the rider save considerable amounts of money that can be recirculated back into the local economy. Currently the Greater Brockton Area lacks adequate cycling infrastructure. Bike lanes and other cycling amenities are far and few between - Velo Urbano would like to help improve the state of cycling in the Greater Brockton Area. Velo Urbano seeks to work with locally elected officials and Commonwealth wide nonprofit organizations like MassBike to improve the state of bicycling infrastructure in the area.  


Velo Urbano believes in giving back to the communities its members hail from. In the coming years, Velo Urbano will seek out ways it can help improve Brockton and her suburbs. Using cycling as means of community engagement, Velo Urbano will strive to be an organization that people recognize as an engine for good in their community.